We offer brand name frames at reasonable prices, and pair them with the very best lens designs, lens materials and coatings on the market. High quality hand-made frames are available from a number of different lines, and are able to procure additional frames upon request. From conservative to adventurous, we have a frame suitable for everybody — including semi-custom frames, in case you don’t find anything you like!

The brands we carry come from long established lines like Ray Ban, to independent hand-made frames such as Lightec, all for a price that won’t break the bank. For a really unique frame and look, we offer semi-custom wooden frames of unmatched quality — the picture at the top of the page is a frame made of burl wood with replaceable spring hinges and temples.


Not all lenses and coatings are the same — some big box retailers mass produce cheap lenses and have them shipped back to the US. Our lenses are sourced from high quality local laboratories from the Pacific Northwest, made with the very best technology has to offer.

The coatings we use for the lenses are time consuming to apply, requiring significantly more work than the mass produced lenses often used in large retailers; however creating the coating in this fashion provides for superior optical quality and ensures that the coating itself is harder, more durable and lasts longer. Most lens laboratories use heat treated anti-reflective coatings that don’t last as long and result in making the lens itself more brittle; we utilize an anti-reflective coating process from Germany that results in longer lasting performance without making the lenses brittle.

The lens materials we offer range from highly impact resistant lightweight lenses that can take a beating, to ultra thin lens materials that can make the glasses as thin as possible.

Lastly, there’s more to optics than just the prescription: the specific type of lens design also plays a significant role. We’ve discovered the best lens designs that incorporate the sharpest vision, widest field of view and least amount of distortion for our patients. Depending on the patients’ occupation, hobbies and other needs, there are different types of single vision, bifocal and progressive lens options available.